The Best Marijuana Android Apps

marijuana 420 android appsLooking for some Marijuana Android Apps for your phone? I put together a resource of the best weed android apps I could find. When selecting them, I looked at various criteria including user reviews. If you know of a good one and would like to share, be sure to contact me!

Growing Marijuana Game Apps

Weed Farmer (Classic)

weed farmer android app

Price: $2.49
Link: Weed Farmer on Google Play

Weed Farmer is a great game/marijuana growing learning app. You can grow marijuana all the way from seed to the final harvest. It allows you to choose your strain, lights, growing medium, fertilizers, water supply and a lot more.

The more successful grows you have, the more opportunity you’ll have to upgrade your grow room and supplies. The online component allows you to compete with other growers online and eventually work your way up to becoming the top weed farmer!

The great thing about Weed Farmer is that you can actually learn some core skills on how to grow marijuana.

Weed Farmer is playable on Android Phones & Tablets running Android OS 1.6 or higher. Your device must also support a minimum screen resolution of hVGA (320×480) because of the amount of screen information presented on Weed Farmer.

Weed Farmer: Overgrown

weed farmer overgrown

Price: $5.49
Link: Weed Farmer: Overgrown on Google Play

Weed Farmer: Overgrown is the next generation of Weed Farmer. Right now its in open beta stage, so you can expect some bugs and glitches if you decide to give it a try. They did the same thing with Weed Farmer Classic.

Whats new? Well quite a bit of the game has been upgraded and new features have been added. Dozens of strains now feature unique looking buds and flowers, growing twice as fast as the original game. You can now grow from your closet and eventually upgrade to a huge warehouse operation – even massive outdoor fields!
The game-play has a ton of new features, including a system for finding rare and uncommon items like seeds, equipment, clones and more.

The graphics have also been updated and look incredible on HD displays. Keep in mind this game is also 170MB so make sure your device has plenty of room!

Growing Marijuana Android Apps

Cannabis Pocket Reference

Price: $2.95
Link: Cannabis Pocket Reference on Google Play

The Cannabis Pocket Reference is a massive guide to all things Cannabis. Contents include growing marijuana, strain guide, cooking, making hash, current marijuana laws, etc. This app installs on your device with all information loaded, so you don’t need an internet connection to use it.

The Cannabis Pocket Reference also features a great plant problem guide, with pictures and information on various plant conditions and diseases. If you’re looking for a great little growing reference this app will serve you well.

Medical Marijuana GrowApp

medical marijuana grow app

Price: Free
Link: Medical Marijuana GrowApp on Google Play

This is a great free app which features a lot of great grow advice. It comes with a dictionary, grow journal, tutorial and a nutrient problem solver. The publisher also offers a paid version with some additional advanced material.

The Medical Marijuana GrowApp is also self contained so it does not require internet access to function.

Marijuana Entertainment Apps

Roll A Joint

joint a joint android app

Price: $1.99
Link: Roll A Joint on Google Play
This is a pretty sweet little app. You can grab some bud (4 strains to choose from) from the bag, break it up, roll it into a joint, and then smoke it. Some other little details include grinder, blunts, roach clip, paper filters and more.They even have a mode where you can compete with friends for the fastest rolling time.

Once your joint is rolled you can use the phone microphone to smoke it, seeing it burn when you inhale. Then exhale to create smoke on your screen (little breathes will blow rings). You can even change the phone orientation and the smoke will always rise up! Simply tap the phone to ash your joint. Pretty cool.

Weed HD Wallpapers

weed HD wallpapers

Price: Free
Link: Weed HD Wallpapers on Google Play
This is a great collection of marijuana wallpaper for your Android phone! All for free too! All images are full HD and are re-sized to fit your phone perfectly. The great thing is you don’t need an internet connection.

AFW Weed Widget Pack

afw weed widget pack

Price: Free / $1.99
Link: AFW Weed Widget Pack on Google Play

Instead of spending a lot of time looking for little weed widgets for your phone, simply download the Weed Widget Pack. It comes with a ton of widgets including:

  • Bong Brightness Widget – Use a bong to adjust brightness
  • A Joint for your battery level indicator – as the joint wears down, it releases rasta colored smoke!
  • Weather Widget – Full weather service, rasta style!
  • Stone Clocks with 420 reminders – Style of clock changes at 4:20!

AFW Weed Widget Pack also has a PRO version for $1.99 which does not have any advertisements and also adds some more functionality such as Ability to set custom 420 timers, Extended 5-day weather forecast, Weather forecast look-up by Zip Code (US only), Status bar battery level notification with 1% accuracy (even on ICS), and quick customer support.

Link to PRO version: AFW – Weed Widget Pack Pro